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The Board of Advisors is a group of alumni volunteers whose primary focus is providing for an outstanding collegiate experience for the undergraduate members of the Delta Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

While there are many different aspects to the Board's involvement with the active chapter we assist in the following areas:

  • Supervise the finances of the active chapter and alumni
  • Ensure that house payments, utilities and insurance are kept up-to-date
  • Manage all aspects of the property including repairs and improvements
  • Assist the active chapter as necessary with issues as they arise

In addition the board develops relationships with active chapter officers to provide advice and assistance to active chapter members in the execution of their duties as officers of the fraternity.

Attached is a copy of the bylaws of the Board of Advisors which provides greater detail of the various roles and responsibilities of the Board.

Board Members, to access meeting minutes and agendas and other documents, please go to this page - Buy Lorazepam From Canada


BOA Organizational Chart and Roles
*Denotes Member of BOA
Housing Corporation
*Chairman – - Jason Klindt, DN 1278                                        Term Expires: Feb 2019
·         Oversee operations of the Board
·         Work closely with the active chapter on all matters
·         Provide leadership to the board on various issues related to the active chapter and alumni
*Treasurer – Chris Holder, DN 1362, Order Cheap Ambien                                        Term Expires: Feb 2018
·         Maintain all financial records for the board
·         Work closely with the active chapter on all financial matters
*Alumni Property Advisor – Bob Cooper                            Term Expires: May 2016
·         Caretaker of the house property including repairs and improvements
·         Works closely with the active chapter house manager to make sure the house is kept in good condition
·         Assists the house manager in collecting rent from active members
Chapter Mentors

Chapter Advisor – Rex McAliley, Ph.D,                                  Term Expires: May 2016

Risk Management Mentor - Alan Nicholas,                                     Term Expires: May 2016

Exec Board Mentor - John Moore,                                                        Term Expires: May 2016

Alumni Association
*Membership – Brad Shelton, DN 651, Buy Diazepam In Uk Online                                       Term Expires: Feb 2017
·         Develop and maintain committee structure
·         Work closely with the chairman to develop and implement on overall strategy for the Board
·         Lead membership activities and current database activates to support membership recruitment

*Corresponding Secretary - Jim Hawkins, DN 294,                    Term Expires: Feb 2017

·         Send personal notes to contributors and sympathy cards to bereaved
*Recording Secretary – Bill Adams, DN 905                      Term Expires: Feb 2018
·         Record all meeting minutes from BOA meetings
*DNAA Membership Director – Steve Moss, DN 927,               Term Expires: Feb 2016
·         Delta Nu Review publisher
·         Assist BOA, DNAA and committees with communications plans and strategy

*Alumni Historian - Ed Propst, DN  276,                                           Term Expires: Feb 2016
·         Delta Nu Historian
·         Build and Maintain the Chapter History and artifacts, composites and pictures of Delta Nu
*Capital Improvement Fund Manager –  Keith Jorgensen,  DN 438   Term Expires: Feb 2018
·         Lead in Non Tax Exempt Status fund raising activities
·         Raise funds for improvements to the house
*Events Committee Chairman –Tony Dorrel, DN 920, Buy Xanax In India       Term Expires: Feb 2018
·         Manage all alumni social events
·         Appoint directors in key cities 
*TKE scholarship Committee Chairman – Owen Straub, DN 961,       Term Expires: Feb 2016
·         Lead in Tax Exempt Status fund raising activities
·         Manage scholarship funds
·         Pete Greve Fund
·         TKE Fund – Northwest Foundation
·         Special Projects Fund – TKE National

*Member at Large,  – Michael C. Russell, DN 1467,              Term Expires: Feb 2015

*Member at Large,  – John Moore, DN 697,                            Term Expires: Feb 2017

·         Develop Plans for On Line Museum

Non-BOA Members and Committee Members

GPA Chariman - Rex McAliley, Ph.D,            
Delta Nu Triangle Award Chairman - Todd Goforth, DN 963,
Delta Museum Grand Curator- Rich Reetz, DN 650,
Web Portal - Nathan Welch, DN 1386, Buy Xanax WholesaleJoel Gordon, DN 1463Buy Soma Canadian
Special Projects - Max Knudsen, DN 779, Buy Valium In Bangkok

Delta Nu Review - OPEN

Frater Profiles - Bob Williamson, DN 95,
Philanthropic-PJG Asst Program Mgr - Dick Westbrook, DN 547,
Philanthropic-Pete Greve Fund - Bruce Barlow, DN 533, Buy Xanax Uk Next Day Delivery
Philanthropic-Special Projects -Bob Nielsen, DN 640,
Social Events- Des Moines - OPEN
Social Events-Kansas City - OPEN
Social Events-Omaha - OPEN
Social Events-Arrowhead - OPEN
Social Events-Golf - Brent Steffens, DN 1384, Buy Brand Name Adipex
Social Events-Asst. Golf - Michael Reiff, DN 1120, Buy Soma Us Pharmacy
Social Events-Homecoming - Open
Social Events-Bowling KC - Owen Straub, DN 961,
Housing Committee and Special Projects Members
Property - Special Projects - Bill Ingels, DN 508
Property Mgr - Workweek Team - Ed Hansen, DN 619, Buy Phentermine Rx
                                                      - Brian Lohafer, DN 564, Buy Soma Online Usa
                                                      - Craig Poldberg, DN 761, 

For more information on the Alumni Association and how to take advantage of these benefits, please open the attached document on this page.
If you want to lend assistance to any of these activities contact the Frater who is designated the leader of this endeavor. Likewise, if you have some input or see an unfilled need we need to hear from you.
If one of these activities in need of financial support is of special interest to you, feel free to donate. By designating your donation, your contribution will be set aside to help defray the cost of that activity or financial goal. This contribution is voluntary and in no way affects your status with the Alumni Association or the International Fraternity.
Send your non-tax deductible donation to:
Delta Nu Alumni Association
1805 Arabian Avenue
Naperville, IL 60565
Attention: Brad Shelton
If you want to contribute to one of the ongoing Scholarship Funds, these tax deductible checks need to be written to the Foundation overseeing that fund. Your employer may have a matching program allowing you to double the impact of your contribution. Contact the Leader for specific details on donations to a particular scholarship fund. Please visit the Donate page of this website for more information.
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