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Dear Fraters,

This edition of the Delta Nu Review finds all things Delta Nu in great shape. A stable chapter and stable finances, a house getting some improvements and regular maintenance, a growing Alumni Association, and lots of positive public relations. Hopefully another Top TKE chapter is just around the corner for our chapter. Please click Read More to access the whole newsletter.

Are you planning on making the trip to Maryville this year for Homecoming? Frater Tad Trecker, 739, from Hartland, Wisconsin, has put together an outstanding program for this year. Even though the area hotels are probably already booked up, you can make a day trip of it and join one of the best Homecoming weekends in recent memory. Please look for the Homecoming insert for all of the details.

Also in this edition, you’ll read about the 2010 Peter J. Greve Scholarship winner, the announcement of the scholarship for Active Chapter members, the Northwest @ Nebraska-Omaha football tailgate, the K.C. Golf/Football day and some planned and completed house improvements.
There is a ton of great news to catch up on in this edition, but did you know there’s a monthly newsletter you can receive also? If you have an email address, we’ll send you a monthly email with the latest news and info.
Please email Buy Valium Cheapest Online today to get signed up! YITB
Alumni Board of Advisors President’s Report – Mark Witthar, 853, Buy Zolpidem Online India
I am pleased to report that the Board of Advisors has been very stable and very effective in developing and executing plans with the active chapter. We have a good cross section of members representing different "eras" in the fraternity but we are always looking for new ideas and input. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.
Financially, we are in very good shape. We ended the year with a small surplus in the House account which allowed us to do some improvements on the property. This can only be accomplished by the active chapter working closely with the Board of Advisors on every aspect of our fraternity. Each Board member counsels their active chapter counterpart on various issues. For example, Brad Shelton, our Vice-President, is working closely with Gunner Sumy, the active chapter Epiprytanis, on rush. Effective plans have been implemented that will help the active chapter on how you plan to be successful. We have done the same with President, Treasurer and House Manager.
Our goals for 2010-11 are very simple:
1) Have another strong rush. The plans have been put in place for a very effective campaign and we are all excited about the possibilities.
2) Take an even stronger leadership position on campus. As always, TKE active chapter members are leaders on campus; however, we want to make this even stronger.
3) Continue to improve the chapter house. As you will read in this newsletter, the actives and alumni have been working very hard to make our fraternity house a much better place to live and entertain guests.
We have a clear vision of where we want to be - both the Board of Advisors and the Active Chapter. Together we are making a difference and having fun getting there. Thank you for your continued support.

House Report – Kevin Smith, 932, Buy Diazepam Safely Online Uk
It has been a good summer for Delta Nu Housing Corp. The house was closed for the third straight summer, because in years prior, the rent collected did not cover summer utility expenses. All deposits for this fall semester were collected before the spring semester ended and the house is expected to be at 95% occupancy throughout the 2010-2011 school year. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the active chapter and the BOA working together, we have worked our way out of the financial problems that we found ourselves in four years ago. We are now able to give more consideration to reserve funds and making improvements. It’s a good feeling, but we’ve still got a long way to go to reach the destination the BOA desires.
Frater Brad Shelton organized an Alumni work weekend near the end of July and many improvements were accomplished. Approximately 25 alumni and actives participated in the effort at some point throughout the weekend. Thanks to everyone for volunteering their time and skills. Prior to the work weekend, new carpet was installed in the main stairway and the chapter room received a fresh coat of paint.
Last February, I gave a one-year-notice of my desire to resign from my post as the ΔΝ Housing Association Property Manager. I have enjoyed assisting the board in this capacity for the last four years but feel the time has come to pass the torch to one of you reading this letter. Please take the time to consider thoughtfully how TKE has impacted your life and ask yourself if now may be the right time to give back. Please contact Mark Witthar or myself to discuss. I can be reached at (816) 205-1032.
Board Treasurer’s Report – Chris Holder, 1362,Ambien Get You High
The Delta Nu Board and Alumni Associations accounts are in great shape. The only recent addition to the Treasurer’s office is that we’ve begun to use QuickBooks to assist us in managing our finances.   This is quite a change, but one we had to make since our supply of napkins ran out (just kidding!).
Alumni Association                                    $9,982
Capital Improvements                             $11,415
Dick Wiles Special Fund                               $350
House Room Deposits                               $8,980
Emergency Fund                                      $4,238
Total                                                   $34,965
Chapter Report – Kenneth Hamilton, 1436, Prytanis, Buy Roche Diazepam Online
Over the course of the summer, the active chapter worked independently on a few improvements on the house. A security camera for the front walkway of the house was purchased and installed to help improve the safety and security of the property and several alumni and actives got together in July to paint, patch, and perfect the house in preparation for Fall Rush. The active chapter thanks all of the alumni who made this effort possible, whether it was through donations or elbow grease – we greatly appreciate your help!
Fifty-one actives will return from last year and everyone is gearing up for rush. The shirts are in the mail, the posters are hung, and early rush efforts have begun! It is looking to be a great recruitment semester for TKE Delta Nu as we had 57 guys express interest during one of our early events. However, we can always use your help. If you know of any legacies attending Northwest or any other potential new members, please contact myself or Austin Martens (Rush Chair). Austen’s contact information is (816) 217-8104 orBuy Alprazolam Tablets. Our goal is for 40 pledges but we can always do better. Rush ends September 17th and we will post our Fall 2010 pledge class list to the web and in the October eReivews.
We will also be focusing on Homecoming, some philanthropic efforts, as well as our application for Top TKE chapter!
I am looking forward to meeting many of you at Homecoming and I hope you all had a safe and fun summer.


These Fraters recently joined the Chapter Eternal since the start of this year. George Brown, 9; Louis Gray, 80; Van (Lewis) Price, 128; and William Andrews, 367. Please remember them and their families. Please note that not all these men passed away this year, we were just made aware of their passing. If you know of other Fraters that may have passed away, please let us know by contacting Buy Valium Cheapest Online or with a phone call to Brad Shelton, 651, at (630) 416-9924.
If you’d like to make a donation to their memorial fund to help memorialize them with a brick on the Dick Wiles TKE for Life Donors wall, please contact us atBuy Valium Cheapest Online. Once a fund reaches $500, a brick with the Frater’s name will be placed on the wall. The full list of memorial funds without a brick with their current values are listed below.

Les Harmon, 562
Wayne Cherry, 1014
Steve Healey, 912
Tom Harvey, 304
Christopher C. Sams, 870
Ryan Tesdell, 1178
Paul Jones, 1152
Patrick Rowan, 180
Gary Schroeder, 299
William J. Bolyard, 609
Don Cannon, 316
Cyril Dougherty, 14
William C. Hunt, 25
John Banning, 327
John Mundy, 421
Scott Eckard, 449
Richard Bauman, 130
George O. Brown, 9
Arthur Buckingham, 10
Daryl Flint, 15
Thomas Stephens, 31
Maurice Tobin, 36
Carter Botkin, 37
John W. Mauzey, 38
Morris Hamilton, 39
Robert W. Wilson, 40
Charles Johnson, 41
Joseph Ochoa, 64
Jesse H. Masters, 66
Charles A. Johnson, 68
Robert McCullough, 71
Robert C. Moran, 73
Louis Gray, 80
Gael Florea, 112
Harry Rees, 118
Van (Lewis) Price, 128
George Cottle, 138
Joe Merrigan, 150
Vern Colvin, 196
James Stephens, 202
Michael R. Stephens, 203
John Croley, 211
Thomas Custer, 213
James B. Oriley, 219
Robert Dickey, 257
Danny R. Hill, 263
Robert H. Meyer, 272
Burton Richey, 362
William L. Andrews, 367
Richard VanMeter, 401
Lee “Leroy” Kariker, 456
Edward Phillips, 459
Deane Layland, 544
Robert Wright, 551
Lonnie D. Milbourn, 567
Gale March, 583
D. Craig Corrough, 601
Charles A. Wass, Jr., 631
Frank Cox, 660
William M. Gallen, III, 743


These Fraters’ memorial funds have reached at least $500 and have bricks on the Wiles Wall.
Dale Cooper, 110; Peter Jackson, 169; Lee King, 296; James Baker, 301; Slade Jackson, 306; Jay Schug, 321; Richard W. Wiles, 365; Bill Lantz, 500; Pete Greve, 580; Gary Heuwinkel, 593; Richard Larson, 642; Jeff McNeely, 818; Mike Settle, 823; Rick Spies, 987; Pete Wieland, 1071; Kurt Gentry, 1280
At each year’s golf tournament, proceeds from Memorial Mulligans are applied to the memorial funds closest to a brick until those funds reach $500. Golfers can designate their purchase be applied to a specific fund if they wish. To read how this was done this year, please read the Golf Tournament Recap in the Social Committee section of the newsletter.
ALUMNI ASSOCIATION - Brad Shelton, 651,Buy Phentermine Malaysia
In the last year, the TKE Delta Nu Alumni Association has come a long way. We have made exceptional progress by raising more than $9,000 to support BOA efforts in regard to building the Delta Nu web site, building and maintaining the alumni database and printing two Delta Nu Review newsletters annually as well as emailing the monthly “eReview” newsletters. This extraordinary progress would not be possible without the support of Delta Nu Alumni Association members and their annual dues. To date, 105 Fraters have joined the Delta Nu Alumni Association to help promote these new initiatives and to get involved by donating their time and expertise. 
The Delta Nu Alumni Association leadership has also expanded and is focused on enhancing the alumni experience through social and philanthropic events and supporting the active chapter. This group of committed Fraters has laid the groundwork for the future outlined in this newsletter. We continue to compile and validate more than 1,500 mailing addresses and over 750 valid email addresses, which are now available to DNAA members on the Delta Nu website (look for the Frater Search feature on the Alumni page!). These tools make it quick and easy for you to locate and connect with one, or many, Fraters, not only from your era, but also from where you live or as you travel around the U.S. and the world!
Transforming the alumni experience will only happen if we ALL work together, like we did as pledges. Please consider ways you can get involved on a personal basis. We are looking for alumni that have artistic talents that might help create a gallery of drawings and paintings of the Delta Nu experience. We need Fraters with financial or insurance experience to help with our revenue tracking and reporting. We need Fraters with writing and technical talents that can help with updating content for newsletters and the website. We also need Fraters with practical building maintenance and repair skills for the physical property and members with management and leadership skills to help mentor our active chapter officers. And we need more members. The BOA has challenged all of us to raise $10,000 in dues by December 31, 2010 and to sign up 150 members in the Delta Nu Alumni Association. 
We have 105 alumni members currently. Is your name on this list?   Cheap Phentermine Australia If not, please consider one of the following options …
Delta Nu Alumni Membership options
·         1 year               $50
·         2 years             $75
·         3 years             $105 ($35 per year; Best value!)
·         Lifetime             $1,000
How do I sign up?
Make your check payable to: Delta Nu TKE Alumni Association and mail it in care of: Chris Holder, 12480 South Greenwood, Olathe, KS 66062
Or visit Buy Xanax Press and look for the Join Today button.
You will be hearing more in the upcoming weeks about the next big event, Homecoming, and will find periodic updates and eReviews on Buy Xanax Legally Online. Remember, you did not cease being a Teke when you graduated; you are a Teke for Life. Be sure to respond and let us know how you can help continue to be part of something great!
Y.I.T.B., Brad Shelton, 651, Membership Committee Director
1805 Arabian Ave, Naperville, IL 60565, Office: (630) 416-9924, Cell: (630) 240-2758 Email: Buy Phentermine In South Africa
Alumni Association Overview
The Delta Nu Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association is a group working together to foster the TKE spirit among alumni of many generations. This association is chartered as a chapter-based Alumni Association which plans social and philanthropic events and awards scholarships and other funds to collegiate members.
Mission of the Alumni Association
The mission of the Delta Nu Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association is to offer multiple ways Alumni can stay connected and engaged with Delta Nu TKE, solely based on the individual members’ preference. The main focus areas of the Alumni Association are:
·         Host Social Events for Alumni Members of TKE Delta Nu in specific geographic areas
·         Network with Alumni Members of TKE Delta Nu in specific geographic areas
·         Mentor the local Delta Nu Chapter of TKE in the normal operation of the Chapter
·         Mentor the local Delta Nu Chapter of TKE and its members for the purposes of continuing Education and Personal Development training of undergrad fraters
·         Promote continuous improvement of Delta Nu, its members, its house, and its standing with Tau Kappa Epsilon, Northwest Missouri State University and the city of Maryville, MO
·         Create Scholarship Opportunities for Members of TKE
·         Participate in Community Service and Philanthropic events to improve the areas where we live and to raise money for scholarships and charities
·         Regular Communication with active and alumni members of TKE Delta Nu
Exclusive benefits for Delta Nu TKE Alumni Association members
·         Alumni Newsletter
·         Online Alumni Directory Coming soon to!
·         Children of members are eligible to apply for multiple scholarships through TKE and Delta Nu
·         TKE Delta Nu Alumni Association decal
·         Alumni Association Membership identification card which may offer discounts on Alumni activities
·         Special invitations to and discounts at to TKE Delta Nu Alumni Association sponsored events
·         Full access to new website features
·         Recognition in the newsletter and membership directory
·         Mailed copy of the Delta Nu Review
·         Access to search contact database and to premium content on the chapter website
·         Potential discounts at TKE-owned businesses
What activities will my annual membership fees support?
      General Operations of the Alumni Association to insure the long term viability of the Association
      Maintenance and Enhancement of the Order Prescription Phentermine Online website
      Frater database support and development of the “Frater Locator Service”
      Funding an account for special projects approved by a vote of the membership
      Seed money for Alumni activities and events during the year
      Production and distribution of the Delta Nu Review
What activities will my membership fees NOT support?
      Payment for expenses associated with the daily running of the Chapter House such as mortgage, utilities, insurance, and regular maintenance and upkeep
      Funding of undergraduate activities like mixers, or expenses associated with attending Conclave or Leadership conferences. There are special funds for these.
      Contributions to the special funds managed by the Philanthropic Committee such as the TKE Scholarship fund or the Pete Greve Scholarship Fund other than to help offset the cost of the outreach efforts.
SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Ron Beaver, 858, Buy Lorazepam Usa
Although the dog days of summer have keep most TKE alumni busy with family events and vacations, many have still enjoyed the occasional round of golf or cold drink with a fellow Frater. Dan Barnett, 1450, Omaha area social director, says many fellow fraters frequent a favorite watering hole, Glory Days, at 106 W. Broadway in Council Bluffs, IA. It is owned and operated by Frater Brandon Juon, 1379. Please stop by sometime and introduce yourself whenever in the area.
There are still discussions about potential events in some of our cities with larger populations of ΔΝ Fraters; look for those updates in upcoming eReviews.
Four events are on the near horizon – the September 18th NW @ Nebraska-Omaha football game tailgate, the October 2nd K.C. Golf and Football day, Homecoming on October 29th – 30th and the November 13th Fall Classic game (ninth annual) between NW and Pittsburg St. at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City (2 p.m.).
September 18th – Tailgate before the Northwest @ Nebraska-Omaha football game
The TKE DN Omaha Alumni coordinated a football tailgate on Saturday, September 18th prior the 'Cats kicking some Maverick tail in Omaha. The tailgate was held atop the south parking garage on the UNO campus. The tailgate was coordinated by Frater Dan Barnett, 1450. If you have other ideas for Omaha-area events in the future or want to see how you can help in the area, please contact Dan at (402) 598-3264 or Ron at (816) 304-5354.
October 2nd – Golf. Beer. Football. Fraters. (Saturday Social for Delta Nu Tekes)
Postpone the weekly trips to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond, and join us for what a man's Saturday ought to be. Golf. Beer. Bearcat Football.
On Saturday, October 2nd, the TKE Delta Nu, KC-Area social committee will be hosting a golf outing, followed by a watch party for the Bearcat vs. MoWest game. Check out the details below, and RSVP as needed.
Course: Royal Meadows Golf Course - Kansas City, MO (47th St & Sterling Ave...just south of I-70)
Tee Time: 8:00 AM (Must be at the course and paid by 7:30 AM!)
Cost: $31 (includes 18 holes and cart)
Format: 4-man random draw (names will be drawn out of a hat to make each foursome)
RSVP: Must respond by Wednesday, Sept. 22nd. (We do have a maximum number of players that can play, so please make sure you RSVP to Brent Steffens ASAP. Once we fill the spots, we'll have to close registration. Payment is due day of event at course. You are financially responsible for your commitment.)
Contact: Brent Steffens at Phentermine 37.5 Vs Adipex Where To Buy or (816) 808-9600 with any questions
FOOTBALL - Bearcat Football Watch Party
Location: Granfalloon on the Plaza (608 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64112)
Game Time: 1:00 PM
Cost: All food and drink will be purchased on an individual basis
Opponent: Missouri Western
RSVP: A definite RSVP is not necessary, but if you plan on joining, please let Jason know. We need to reserve enough space to accommodate our group.
Contact: Jason Washam at Buy Lorazepam From Canada or (816) 898-4415
Bearcat football is now televised during the regular season. Check out this link for television details. Order Cheap Ambien
October 29th and 30th – Northwest Homecoming
Don't forget – Homecoming in Maryville is soon approaching for the weekend of October 29-31. This will be the biggest Homecoming event that TKE ΔΝ has experienced in many years so make plans to attend. Please call or text Frater Tad Trecker, 739, at (262) 510-5893 or email Buy Diazepam In Uk Online. Please look for the Homecoming insert in this newsletter.
November 13th – Fall Classic IX football game between Northwest and Pittsburg State at Arrowhead Stadium
Over the past eight years, there have been gatherings of different sorts of ΔΝ Fraters prior to the annual clash of Division II football titans Northwest Missouri and Pittsburg State. So far for this year’s game, the ninth in the series of games at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, no plans have been published for an official TKE gathering, but as soon as they are, we will get that information out to you on email. Ticket information for the game is available at Buy Xanax In India on the Northwest Missouri State website (Go to Buy Xanax Wholesale, then Athletics, then Ticket Information.) And also, if you are not getting emails about news or events, please email Buy Valium Cheapest Online to get on the mailing list.
Recap – 15th Annual ΔΝ Memorial Scramble Golf Tournament – Michael Reiff, 1120, Buy Valium In Bangkok
This year’s tournament, the 15th consecutive, went off with a hitch and we are getting lucky with the weather – no issues except heat and humidity and wind to be had since the beginning. Thanks again to all 93 golfers that made the trip to Maryville for this year’s tournament on Friday, June 4th at Mozingo Lake GC. This was the biggest field to date with two more golfers than last year. Over the 15-year-history, 193 different players have participated.
Congratulations to the team of Mark Gerling 1044, Todd Fordyce 1091, Fred Gude 1140, and Mike Wynne 1059, who were the winning team with a 16-under-par 56. We all hope you’re back next year to defend your title. The full list of results and pin prize winners can be found at the end of this summary.
Through the sale of Memorial (Team) Mulligans, $1,020 was raised and we were able to place Memorial Fund Bricks on the Dick Wiles Teke for Life Donations Wall for Jay Schug 321, Dick Wiles 365, and Richard Larson 642. We also added to the funds of Wayne Cherry 1014, Chris Sams 870, Steve Healey 912, Ryan Tesdell 1178, Bill Bolyard 609, Cyril Dougherty 14, William Hunt 25, Scott Eckard 449 and Paul Jones 1152.
Memorial Tee Box Markers debuted this year to further memorialize those Fraters that have passed on to the Chapter Eternal. The first four markers were for Fraters that had golfed in the tournament; they were for Lee King 296, Pete Greve 580, Ryan Tesdell 1178 and Kurt Gentry 1280. Prior to the start of this year’s tournament, a marker was sponsored by Mark Rinker for Chris Sams 870. Chris’ marker will appear on a hole at next year’s event. Memorial Tee Box Markers can be sponsored for a $100 donation. For more information, please contact Brent Steffens at Phentermine 37.5 Vs Adipex Where To Buy.
The event ended with dinner, awards and a presentation on the state of the chapter by Alumni Board of Advisors President Mark Witthar 853 and Delta Nu Alumni Association Director Brad Shelton 651. The event raised over $1,400 for the general fund of the Delta Nu Alumni Association.
Thank you also to all of the volunteers and others that helped make the tournament possible. Thank you to Scott Albright 1087 for the great logo, Kevin Malick 1143 for taking care of the shirts and helping plan the tournament (and my ride down), Chris Holder 1362 for your help at check-in, David Peterson 903 for your help at set up, and Dan Canchola 873 and Ryan Jackson 1547 for taking all of the pictures. Pictures will be posted to the 2010 Golf Gallery on the Delta Nu website at Buy Brand Name Adipex. Finally, thank you to Brent Steffens, 1384, for helping plan and run the tournament and for the great work on the Tee Box Markers.
Special thanks also to Coach Mel Tjeerdsma, Steve Sutton at the Northwest Alumni Office, Carson Riedel, ΔΔ 937, from Carson’s Sports Grille, Steve Brightwell 775 and Jeff Borchardt Xi-Eta 146 for their pin prize donations to the tournament. Also thanks to Robert Taflinger from TKE Headquarters for spending the day with us.
We hope you plan to make it next year. Once the announcement is made in early 2011, please be sure to get your reservation in early as spots will be sure to fill up quickly again. Your humble tournament organizers, Michael Reiff, 1120, Buy Soma Us Pharmacy and Brent Steffens, 1384, Phentermine 37.5 Vs Adipex Where To Buy
For information about the golf tournament and other events, please be sure to visit Buy Xanax Legally Online and then the News & Info tab and then Events, Event Calendar or DN Memorial Scramble.
Special Projects Fund – Scott Keilbey, 666, Buy Xanax 1Mg Online Uk
Through the TKE Educational Foundation, the Special Projects Fund exists to provide assistance to undergraduate members for educational opportunities, such as for studies, leadership seminars or conferences, such as the Regional Leadership Conferences or Conclave. This fund currently has a balance of $1,700.
Every year, we’d like to be able to subsidize all or part of the registration fees or travel expenses for Fraters to attend these or other conferences, not to mention update the educational resources in the house, but we need to increase the size of the fund to be able to continue to do this.
Contributions to this fund are tax deductible, through the TKE Educational Fund. For more information, please go to the Delta Nu website to the Alumni page and then to Donation Opportunities.
TKE House Capital Improvements – Steve Moss, 927, Buy Diazepam Online Cheap
Ahhh yes, one of the most memorable things of being in the fraternity is… the TKE house -- that special place where many lifelong memories, friendships and bonds have been built over the past 56 years. Whether the TKE house you remember is from Delta Nu’s beginning back at Quad 4, at 222 W. Cooper or the current “new TKE House” on Ninth Street, we all remember the challenges in trying to make the house the best place it could be. That is still the goal today.
With the help of the TKE House Capital Improvements committee we are now beginning to take on some significant house projects and steer the combined efforts of the chapter and alumni to make it a better place to live. The committee and Board of Advisors have agreed on some starter projects and hope to move toward some larger projects over the next five years. The first project is to add more functionality into the kitchen area.
The first phase of the kitchen update is to convert part of room into a study room. In keeping with the Board and active chapter's renewed commitment to scholastic excellence, we have built this study room to support and foster that effort. The room may be used for other events and purposes such as a meeting room or staging area for events like smokers, parent’s day and homecoming, but its primary purpose is as a study room. The funds for this room came from both the Capital Improvements and Special Projects funds. We will be completed with this phase by Homecoming. Phase 2 of the kitchen conversion, which is slated to start next summer, will include installing a new stove and commercial sink, re-working the counter areas to make them more functional, and building storage areas for chapter property.
Replacing the railing on the 2nd floor, above the chapter room, is our #2 priority. Workable alternatives will be reviewed to improve the look of the room, provide safety as well as limit the amount of maintenance involved in keeping it up.  It is the Board’s hope that this can be completed this school year. However, it is dependent upon support for the projects.
This is where you come in. The TKE House Capital Improvements Committee needs your help to support of these and future TKE House Improvements. Please consider sending a check, large or small, to Board of Advisors Treasurer Chris Holder. As you’ll remember, 25% of all contributions to help the house are held on account for future long term projects and 75% of contributions are made available for current house improvement projects. Thank you to the Fraters who have helped us work toward the 2010 TKE House Capital Improvement Fund Goal of raising $15,000. These men are: Benny Johnson 104, Terry Snavely 555, Jeff Borchardt, Xi-Eta 146, Brad Shelton 651, Scott Keilbey 666 and Joe Saubers 930.  With their help, we are at more than 65% of our goal and with your help, we can go over the top!
We hope you can support these projects and send your check today! All contributions are greatly appreciated.
Checks can be mailed to:
TKE House Capital Improvements Committee
C/O Frater Chris Holder-BOA Treasurer
12480 South Greenwood
Olathe, KS  66062
Thanks for your support in making Delta Nu TKE the best it can be!
TKE House Capital Improvements Committee - Steve Moss 927, Doug Johnson 295, Joe Saubers 930, and Steve Brightwell 775
Peter J. Greve TKE Alumni Scholarship – Bruce Barlow, 533, Buy Alprazolam Cheap Online
The 2010 Peter J. Greve Memorial TKE Alumni Scholarship was awarded in the amount of $1,000 to Stanton (IA) High School senior Edward Oster. Oster served as vice-president of his high school senior class. He was a four-sport athlete who also made time for activities in band, FFA, choir, 4-H and church youth group at Elliott Church of Christ. A member of the National Honor Society, he carried a 3.76 GPA. He received all-conference recognition in baseball and football as a member of the state champion eight-man football team. The son of Edward Oster, Delta Nu Scroll 986, Edward plans to pursue an agri-business degree from Northwest. Kevin Rugaard, 1000, presented the 2010 Peter J. Greve Memorial TKE Alumni Scholarship to Lucas.
The 2011 application was recently posted to the Delta Nu website and can be downloaded on the Scholarship tab of the site. The application deadline for 2011 is February 1st
To be eligible, applicants must have maintained a high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above from ninth grade through the first semester of their senior year. The applicant must be an accepted entering freshman by Northwest Missouri State University and nominated by a TKE alumnus. No specific major is required. TKE alumni will serve as evaluators and will review student transcripts, supporting information, and recommendation letters in their deliberations. As monies allow, several scholarships can be awarded.
TKE alumni are encouraged to forward this application to another TKE alumnus, a teacher, a guidance counselor, or a friend who may know someone who plans to attend NWMSU. For additional information on the Peter J. Greve Memorial TKE Alumni Scholarship, please contact Bruce Barlow at Lorazepam Buy Uk.
The mailing address for the scholarship application is:
Bruce Barlow
c/o Inter-State Federal Savings
8629 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66212
TKE Delta Nu Active Scholarship – Dave Teeter, 901, Buy Xanax Vancouver
The Alumni Association is pleased to announce that the TKE Delta Nu Actives Scholarship is now available to be downloaded and completed by any active member of the chapter.  The active chapter was notified by email in late August of the scholarship and the announcement was also posted to the Delta Nu website.
The deadline to be completed and returned to me is October 1st. A committee of alumni has been asked to process the applications and select a recipient so that the scholarship can be applied to their Spring semester account this academic year.
We will begin working on fundraising efforts so we can build on the current balance of this scholarship, similar to our Peter J. Greve Memorial (for incoming freshman) scholarship.  The goal is to have an amount in this account to make it a sustaining scholarship for many years in the future, and not have to constantly ask for donations to this fund. It is currently a Northwest Foundation account and thus tax deductible; all fraters have to do is send a check to the Northwest Foundation and indicate that it should be put into the TKE Active Chapter Scholarship Fund. This is another example that the Alumni Association is putting several things into place for the betterment of not only the active chapter but also alumni members and their families to enjoy the benefits of membership of our “Fraternity for Life.” 
If you are looking to donate through Northwest Missouri State, to either the Peter J. Greve Memorial TKE Alumni Scholarship, or the TKE Delta Nu Actives Scholarship, please visit Buy Xanax 2Mg, and then go Giving and Online Giving. In the process of completing the Online Giving form, remember to look for TKE – Delta Nu Actives Scholarship or TKE – Peter J. Greve Memorial Scholarship. Hint: if you give $50 or more to one of these funds, you automatically become a member of the Northwest Missouri State Alumni Association.

BOA Organizational Chart and Roles
Chairman – Mark Witthar, DN 853                                            Buy Valium Sydney
·         Oversee operations of the Board                                        Term Expires: Feb 2012
·         Work closely with the active chapter on all matters
·         Provide leadership to the board on various issues related to the active chapter and alumni
Vice-Chairman – Brad Shelton, DN 651                                     Buy 2Mg Klonopin Online
·         Develop and maintain committee structure                        Term Expires: Feb 2013
·         Work closely with the chairman to develop and implement on overall strategy for the Board
·         Lead membership and database activities to support membership recruitment
Treasurer – Chris Holder, DN 1362                                            Buy Generic Ambien Online Uk
·         Maintain all financial records for the board                         Term Expires: Feb 2012
·         Work closely with the active chapter on all financial matters
Recording Secretary – Dan Canchola, DN 873                           Buy Diazepam India Online
·         Record all meeting minutes from BOA meetings                 Term Expires: Feb 2011
·         Develop Plan for Delta Nu Hall of Fame and Online Museum
House Manager – Kevin Smith, DN 932                                     Buy Valium India Online
                                                                                                            Term Expires: Feb 2011
·         Caretaker of the house property including repairs and improvements
·         Works closely with the active chapter house manager to make sure the house is kept in good condition
·         Assists the house manager in collecting rent from active members
Communications Manager – Michael Reiff, DN 1120                 Diazepam 10 Mg Buy Online
·         Develop and distribute Newsletter                                 Term Expires: Feb 2012
·         Send out periodic communications to alumni (e-mail)
Philanthropic Committee – Merle Jones, DN 541                       Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart
·         Lead in Tax Exempt Status fundraising activities            Term Expires: Feb 2011
·         Manage scholarship funds: Pete Greve Fund, TKE Fund – Northwest Foundation, Special Projects Fund – TKE Headquarters
Capital Improvement Fund Manager – Steve Moss, DN 927      Cheap Klonopin
·         Lead in Non Tax Exempt Status fundraising activities     Term Expires: Feb 2013
·         Raise funds for improvements to the house
Events Committee Chairperson –Ron Beaver, DN 858                Buy Xanax 0.5Mg
·         Manage all alumni social events                                        Term Expires: Feb 2013
·         Appoint directors in key cities 
Member at Large –Mark Rinker, DN 895                                   Order Phentermine K-25
                                                                                        Term Expires: Feb 2011
Upcoming Dates (most dates and events discussed in the newsletter)
September 17thRush ends, Pledgeship begins
September 18thTKE Tailgate before the Northwest @ Nebraska-Omaha football game; 3 p.m.
September 22ndRSVP deadline for the October 2nd K.C. Golf outing
September 30thHomecoming pre-registration deadline
October 1stApplication deadline for the 2010 TKE Delta Nu Actives Scholarship
October 2ndKansas City Golf, Beer and Bearcat Football watching (Missouri Western game)
October 29th and 30thHOMECOMING!
January 10, 2011 – TKE Founder’s Day – 111 years
February 1, 2011 – Application Deadline for the 2011 Peter J. Greve Scholarship
Non-BOA Members and Committee Chairman
Database and Web Portal Director       Nathan Welch, DN 1386         Cheap Ambien Online Overnight Delivery
·         Manage
Capital Improvement Fund                 Doug Johnson, DN 295          Buying Lorazepam Online
Capital Improvement Fund                 Steve Brightwell, DN 775        Where Can I Buy Clonazepam In Uk
Capital Improvement Fund                 Joe Saubers, DN 930             Order Xanax Online Overnight Delivery
Membership                                     Joe Kempf, DN 637               Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Uk
Membership                                     Kevin Kemmerer, DN 648       Buy Xanax China
Membership                                     Vince Tobin, DN 1486            Buying Diazepam In Spain
Membership                                     Bob Nielsen, DN 640             Generic Ambien 79
Philanthropic-Pete Greve Fund            Dick Westbrook, DN 675
Philanthropic-Pete Greve Fund            Dennis Cox, DN 659    
Philanthropic-Special Projects             Scott Keilbey, DN 666            Buy Phentermine 37.5 White With Blue Specks
Philanthropic-Scholarship TKE             Dave Teeter, DN 901             Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk
Social Events-Des Moines                   Jerrad Popp, DN 1144            Buy Xanax India
Social Events-Kansas City                   Jason Washam, DN 1320       Buy Soma Legally
Social Events-Omaha                        Dan Barnett, DN 1450           Order Cheap Diazepam
Social Events-Arrowhead                    Tony Dorrel, DN 920              Order Generic Ambien
Social Events-Asst. Golf                     Brent Steffens, DN 1384        Buy Diazepam Uk Reviews
Social Events-Bowling KC                   Max Knudsen, DN 779           Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online
Social Events-Golf                             Michael Reiff, DN 1120          Order Phentermine Online 2014
Social Events-Homecoming                Tad Trecker, DN 739             Phentermine Order By Phone
Property Mgr-Asst. Property Mgr          TBD
Property Mgr-Work Week Chairman      TBD
Do you have an event or news that you want to share with your Fraters? Please email Michael Reiff at Order Ambien Cr Online or call (402) 203-4381. Submit today and we will get the word out by email, on the Delta Nu website, on Facebook, smoke signals, carrier pigeon and in the next monthly or semi-annual Delta Nu Review!
Have you visited Buy Phentermine Locally lately? Did you know there is chapter history, pledge class lists, event calendars, old Delta Nu Reviews, the latest news and photos, a Frater Locator find lost Fraters and Fraters in your area, not to mention much more?
Are you on Facebook or thinking about getting on Facebook? If “yes”, then look for the TKE Delta Nu or Northwest Missouri State TKE groups and ask to join today. There are nearly 300 Fraters in those two groups and new connections are being made every day. There are event updates and invites, pictures and conversations happening daily.

Delta Nu Website Updates

The Delta Nu website,Buy Xanax Legally Online, will soon be undergoing a makeover. Content is being updated and new design plans are being drawn up. If you have ideas, wishes or just comments about what you want or don’t want, please send an email to Buy Valium Cheapest Online. Also, to gain access to some features and content, you’ll need to be either a registered user of the site, or a member of the Delta Nu Alumni Association.
Once you have registered, we can then verify your email address and other contact information and provide access to the Frater Locator as well as other great features such as Delta Nu history. To register, please go to Buy Phentermine Online Nz. (This is also the Website Registration tab on the web site)
For help or for more information about registering or joining the Alumni Association, please email Order Valium Online Uk.
Delta Nu Online Museum
We are still trying to build a digital museum of chapter history, on the Delta Nu website, but haven’t had too many submissions. If you can lend us your composites, t-shirts, old Delta Nu Reviews, newspaper clippings, event flyers, rush posters, or anything else that helps to capture the history of Delta Nu, we will return them to you in the same condition you sent them. And if you would like to scan or photograph them, we’ll even take your images from you. Please contactBuy Phentermine In The Ukif you have anything to donate or contribute. Current Delta Nu history is on the website under About TKE and then Delta Nu History. You can also see pictures under News & Info and then Photo Gallery.
On behalf of the Board of Advisors and the Delta Nu Alumni Association, we hoped you enjoyed this edition of the Delta Nu Review and we hope to hear from you and see you at one of the great upcoming events! Y.I.T.B.


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