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Frater Darren Evans, 850, is currently training to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Walk in San Diego. 

The walk is 60 miles over the three days to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.  He has committed to raise $2,300.00 for the cause and would ask that you prayerfully consider donating to this fantastic organization.  Unfortunately, most of us know of at least one of our friends or family that has had to endure breast cancer.

Statistics will tell us it’s probably more than one.  In fact, statistics show that 1 in 8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer! 

According to the Susan G. Komen website:

In 2011, it is estimated that among U.S. women:

·        There will be 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer (includes new cases of primary breast cancer among survivors, but not recurrence of original breast cancer among survivors).

·        There will be 57,650 new cases of in-situ breast cancer.

·        There will be 39,520 breast cancer deaths.

He is walking because it is something he can do.  He has walked 26 miles this weekend and will continue to follow the training schedule until the event in mid-November.  He is covering all of his personal expenses for the trip and asks that you give what you can to the foundation.  Below, you will find a hyperlink that will take you directly to his donation page on the Susan G. Komen website.

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