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Active Fraters of Delta Nu,

As you know, Delta Nu Chapter and its members from 2015 find themselves at a major crossroads as it pertains to the future of our TKE Chapter at Northwest Missouri State.

Your leadership from the current group of TKE men at Northwest, The TKE International Headquarters, and The Delta Nu Board of Advisors are working toward an outcome that will eventually return TKE to its previous position atop the Northwest Greek system. 

Our collective goal is to preserve our chapter house and property while also providing a dedicated group of men to continue under TKE International recognition which is currently in place through a decision from the TKE Grand Council.  This will require you to live by TKE principles and standards while operating within the guidelines that the university has offered us as an alternative to the original sanctions to the chapter presented in November 2015.

Please take some time to consider your decision to continue on with TKE.

It is a very important one.

Your decision not only affects you and your individual reputation………..but it also affects the other 1,600 men who have been initiated into Delta Nu and are Tekes for Life and the support they will provide to you in the future.

The guidelines are outlined below. If you agree to accept them, please sign your name.

I would like to remain a member of TKE and Delta Nu chapter: Being a part of the solution as we work through the loss of recognition by the University.  I understand that by signing this document, I am committing myself to the behaviors and actions expected and that I will honor and abide by them.  Furthermore, I will take direct action if I see that one of my fellow Fraters or guests is in any way in violation of these rules, preserving our ability to comply with these expectations.