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TKE Delta Nu Chapter members wishing to enter into Inactive Status Spring 2016

I wish to become an Inactive Member of TKE Delta Nu chapter and no longer be formally associated with the chapter during the loss of recognition by the University.  I understand that by signing this document, I am committing myself to these rules and regulations and I will honor and abide by them.  Further, I will take direct action if I see that one of my fellow fraters or guests is in any way in violation of these rules.  Upon graduation or withdrawal form school, I will become an alumnus of Tau Kappa Epsilon with all the rights.  I am not resigning from TKE or Delta Nu but an stepping away from the active chapter during this recolonization phase.  By signing this document, I am not responsible for chapter fees or parlor fees related to the chapter for the Spring 2016 semester but I am still responsible for any outstanding balances from Fall 2015 or prior.

I agree to the following:

1.            I will not participate in any social, ritual, or other event of any kind at the chapter house until I have graduated or am no longer enrolled in school at Northwest Missouri State University;

2.            I will respect the “Property Manager” hired to deal with the ongoing day to day supervision of the fraternity’s compliance with any and all stipulations by the University.

3.            I will work with the elected officers of TKE Chapter and the University to make sure not only on a short term, but most importantly on a long term basis, that the fraternity remains in full compliance, of the University and TKE International requirements;

4.            I will not wear the Fraternity Crest or letters on campus or in public during this time, nor will I identify myself as a Teke:

5.            I will pay all fees and fines that are now past due from the Fall 2015 semester as well as any fees carried over from previous years as posted on Greekbill with the exception of those that are due for the Spring 2016 semester.  I have been presented with these fees and I agree as of this date with the balance due.  Further, I agree that I will current fees due, as outlined in the promissory note attachment and will have them paid before March 31, 2016.

6.            Upon graduation or withdrawal from school at NWMSU, I will achieve alumni status and will be allowed access to the fraternity house for alumni sanctioned events only.

I do agree and give our solemn oath to abide by these rules and to follow them to the best of our ability.

Failure to sign this document and the attached note may result in a request to appear before Chapter Court to face charges of behavior unbecoming of a member that may result in my expulsion from the chapter and from TKE International.