TKE Delta-Nu Recolonization Plan

I am writing at the request of our BOA Chairman and Vice Chairman, Dave Teeter and Brad Shelton, respectively, to provide a recap of Delta Nu’s efforts to be reinstated by the University and our plans going forward.

As you know, our chapter has a proud history at Northwest Missouri State University.  We have nearly 1,800 initiates who have signed the scroll since our founding in 1954.  We have been named Top TKE Chapter 8 times in our history and have had 5 of our own named Top Teke.  Seven Delta Nu alumni have received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University, while 2 have received the Turrett Award for Service.  One Alumnus of our chapter has served as President of the University, while 5 have chaired the Northwest Foundation Board.  We have two scholarship funds started by Delta Nu that have collected over $60,000 and distributed over $11,000 in scholarships thus far.  We also boast the largest, most organized chapter alumni association of any Northwest Fraternity, and one of the largest of any fraternity in the entirety of TKE.  Members of the Alumni Association have contributed nearly $300,000 to the house.

Unfortunately, in 2014 and 2015 a series of mistakes were made by the active chapter that eventually led the University to revoke our recognition.  The University’s revocation of recognition was appealed by the active chapter, and while the appeal was not granted, it did result in the University reaching agreement with the Delta Nu Board of Advisors to permit application for reinstatement as a colony to be submitted no sooner than November 1, 2017.  If approved, the reinstatement would allow the chapter to be reestablished first as a colony (through the remainder of the school year ending spring 2018), and then as a regular chapter starting in the fall of 2018.  During the period of being a colony, Delta Nu would have all privileges of a regular chapter except for voting rights on the Inter-Fraternity-Council. 

There were several conditions that had to be met as part of the agreement in order to reinstated.  The most significant of these were: 1) Delta Nu’s house would have to become a dry property; 2) Delta Nu would have to hire a “Housing Director” (someone at the graduate student level or older) to live in the house while there are members living there; 3) the house would need to be kept in good working condition and be in financially sound condition; and 4) no violations of law could occur at the house.  To improve the likelihood of meeting these conditions the Board of Advisors sought to have the chapter deactivated by TKE International in the summer of 2016, and once alternate tenants could not be found, started a campaign to reduce expenses and raise funds until chapter reinstatement could occur.  TKE International obliged our request and the chapter charter was deactivated.  Thus far, all of the conditions of the agreement have been met.

Between the summer of 2016 and now, numerous meetings have taken place between University officials and members of the Board of Advisors.  Early on, these meetings were difficult to schedule with the University and this led to some frustration.  The Board of Advisors decided to form a committee that would serve as its focal point for communications with the University and for completing the plans to seek reinstatement.  This group became known as the Committee on Reinstatement, or CORE.  The Committee includes Jason Klindt, Dave Teeter, Brad Shelton, David Cox, Kevin Smith, Brian Wunder and John Moore.  Since forming the committee last summer, communications with the University have improved and a relationship of mutual trust has begun to develop.

Recognizing the need to regain the confidence of not only the university, but also the community, Frater Wunder initiated the “Good Neighbor Program” in which the Delta Nu Alumni Association periodically donates funds to non-profits in the Maryville area.  Thus far, the Association has contributed $500 each to two high profile non-profits, and two alumni have matched those contributions such that each non-profit received $1000.  Both of the contributions received coverage by the university and community press.  In addition, Frater Moore joined University officials in meeting with the City Manager, Maryville Chief of Public Safety and Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney to discuss Delta Nu’s plans for returning.  He also met with the Panhellenic Council, the National Panhellenic Council and the Inter-Fraternity Council on campus.

This brings us to our current efforts.  On November 1, we submitted our application for reinstatement to the University, which hopes to complete its review by Thanksgiving.  Our application includes a commitment to maintain an alcohol-free property – which includes the house and our exterior grounds – for a minimum of two years, but with the current intent of staying dry indefinitely.  This prohibition applies to anyone who enters the property, including alumni.  We ask that you treat this commitment seriously and conform with it when visiting the house or the property, including during golf tournaments and other outings that are held when no chapter members are present.  Incidentally, there are at least two other fraternities currently operating in this manner at Northwest, with a third phasing it in over the next two years.  It has not been an obstacle for them to recruit members.  Likewise, we are committing to absolutely no hazing, including by alumni.  We also ask that you treat this commitment very seriously and abide by it.  In this regard, we recommend you not reference prior forms of hazing that may have taken place in the past.

In addition to the submission of our application, we have begun our recruitment efforts.  We are targeting high-achievers, especially as it relates to grades and leadership, and focusing on quality over quantity initially.  We are emphasizing the six core principles of TKE: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, Teamwork and Brotherhood.  We are also emphasizing the interest our alumni have in supporting the chapter, with our time, our advice and even our finances where necessary. We hope to recruit a small group of individuals to go through training in November and December, and then an expanded group to go through training throughout the spring semester.  Ideally, we will have at least 15 actives living in the house starting next fall (2018).  As a colony, we will be able to conduct open recruiting throughout the remainder of this school year, as well as participate in the formal recruiting process that takes place in January for the spring semester.  (The primary recruiting period for freshman now takes place in September of each school year.)

In conclusion, we are on the cusp of getting the Delta Nu chapter up and running again.  Moreover, we have the ability to use the last two years as a chance to reset expectations and up our game.  Part of upping our game includes involving alumni to a much greater degree than was the case in 2014 and 2015; as advisors, as mentors, as participants in joint alumni-active service and social activities, and in numerous other ways.  We’d like to thank all of you who have helped get us to this point, including those who loaned money to the house so we could transition the mortgage to something that is privately held during the last two years; to those who have donated money to the “save the house” fund; to those who have volunteered to be advisors to the new chapter; to those who have in the past and/or will in the future make tax deductible contributions to the scholarship fund; and to the members of CORE who have worked tirelessly to get us reinstated.  The momentum is building and the result will be something we can all be very proud of.   We will be providing updates on this page over the next few months.

I have taken on the role of Chapter Advisor for the Undergraduate Chapter and will be working with the Chapter Advisory team as we begin the recruitment, training and initiation of the New TKE Chapter at Northwest.  We are calling it the "NEW TKE" to differentiate ourselves on campus from previous issues we had that resulted in loss of recognition.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about our plans going forward, feel free to contact Brad Shelton or me at and check back to this page regularly.


John Moore

Undergraduate Chapter Advisor Delta-Nu 697


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